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PostSubject: FUCK BANDCAMP!!   FUCK BANDCAMP!! Icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2015 4:38 pm

So some straight FUCK SHIT has just been discovered through bandcamp. You know these muhfuckas take 85% of what gets donated? If somebody gives us a dollar, these scam artist FUCKS give us 15 cents. This shit is robbery! If we would've known about this before hand we would've used a different site, but that was the easiest we found to put out our albums on free download. I know, it's probably mentioned somewhere in the fine print. I'm like Ricky from Trailer Park Boys if you know me personally, big words and fucking government official contract thingies make my head all wibbly wobbly, so I probably missed it. The point I'm making is, if you wanna donate towards an album, don't go through bandcamp. The gofundme account is cool, best bet would be just hitting up Spookie's paypal honestly ( and including in the message that it's "Saint Fund"...

Aaaaand nowwww there's more news in. Spookie just got another email saying we got $1.60 out of $2, after telling us they take 85%. These fucks aren't even making sense anymore, it's for sure run by scammers trying to rip off the underground and their fans. This shit is just fucked. Absolute best idea in my opinion, use bandcamp strictly for downloads. I don't trust internet shit anyway half the time. Much love homies

BAMbam Voodoo Chi7d
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