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 Homework for the Army...

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Homework for the Army... Empty
PostSubject: Homework for the Army...   Homework for the Army... Icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2015 1:28 am

So, as we continue to take steps towards building our musical presence in the area it comes to mind that it's always good to think ahead. Which brings me to this. Eventually, we're gonna need a solid DJ that wants to grow with us and build bridges with us instead of just asking for x amount of money. Someone who's willing and hungry, like us, that will do it for love of the music and the hope that we grow to make bigger and bigger moves. So, I task you, fellow Saints, as well as ourselves to begin scouting out the mid Atlantic for hungry DJs and putting us in contact with them. Having that resource at our fingertips is gonna make a drastic change in what we're capable of pulling off in terms of shows so that we can give back to the scene by giving other hungry MCs the shot that these greedy fucks deny them. United we can accomplish great things, but only if we work towards the same goals. So, if you've already completed the other task we gave you, here's another way you can help. *salute*
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Homework for the Army...
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