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 The Meaning Behind The Suicide Saints...

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PostSubject: The Meaning Behind The Suicide Saints...    Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:02 pm

There's been some question as to the origin of our name, what it stands for, and the legitimacy of such. In an effort to educate you all on exactly why we are the Suicide Saints we figured we'd give you all a brief explanation. We chose this name in reference to the Saints of the past from various cultures who, rather than waver in their convictions or be made victims, chose death. This is the devotion we seek for ourselves and our Army. That, no matter the cost, we will not waver in our mission, be made the victims of atrocity, or allow those deserving of punishment to skate cleanly away. We'd rather die than falter. We'd rather command punishment of the deserving than condone true wickedness. This is why we are the Suicide Saints.

Just a few examples of various Saints involved in suicidal acts:
-*Michael-commanded the suicides of hebrew idolaters by drowning in the red sea under decree by God
-*Christopher-willingly accepted martyrdom by Romans
-St. Pelagia-committed suicide by throwing herself off a roof to prevent being tortured into conversion by Romans
-Samson-committed suicide by pulling a temple down on his own head in order to destroy his captors
-King Saul-committed suicide by stabbing himself to avoid the suffering of a mortal wound
-*St. Callistus-attempted suicide to avoid torture by his captors
-St. Domnia-committed suicide by leaping into a river with her daughters to avoid being raped by Roman soldiers
-Judas-committed suicide as repentance for his role in the death of Christ

*not personal suicides but advocated acts of suicide through these actions

So hopefully this clears up any confusion with bible thumpers who don't know what they speak of Smile

7 Shinez
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PostSubject: Re: The Meaning Behind The Suicide Saints...    Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:22 pm


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The Meaning Behind The Suicide Saints...
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