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PostSubject: THE NEWS FROM PERISCOPE!!!   Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:43 pm

In case you weren't able to stream our little Periscope video, this is what's going down....

1. Cap's EP "The DayWalker Dayz" is complete, and FOR SALE AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (7/18) on hard copy for $7 (plus shipping) or $5 for download (link available soon). Andy Hill already ordered his copy before we even got off the Periscope, and word is General Estrella is as well, on top of "Saintsmas Carols '14". If you're reading this and haven't got the order, get at it!!

2. The "We Needz Moneyz!!!" EP will be dropping a month later, meaning on 8/18, in time for the Ohio show with Geno, who just so happens to be on the album!!

3. B. Rae is creating a new instrumental for "There Will Be Blood" featuring KidCrusher and our 403 homies. We have one version in progress already, but we don't own that beat. Lets see where this one takes us... and is there a chance it can make the cut for "We Needz Moneyz!!!"?? Maybe... No guarantees, but it IS in the future.
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